Frequently Asked Questions

Why only one Project?
A: More designs underway
What kind of support can you provide if I run into problems with your PCB?
A: We will do what we can to help, via phone, email or Skype
Will DIY save me money?
A: Yes, but we feel it’s not the best reason to DIY. If you think cheap transformers will save you money, that’s fine, but your hours of work will leave you with sub-par performance. DIY is really about empowering the builder to choose the best parts that these manufacturer’s bean counters cut corners on.
I’m decent with a soldering iron, but metalwork is a problem. How do I get a case?
A: We have Front Panel Express templates and a design that Par-Metal can make for the case.
Can your project be installed in a 500 series rack?
A: We have thought about it, however, the limitations of the 500 rack outweigh the benefits of a spacious 2 or 3 RU enclosure.
Can I use a cheap-o radio shack or Home Depot soldering iron?
A: Good luck with that Chuck.  We recommend a Hakko 900 or a Weller equivalent. Your hand and your projects will thank you. Less chance of cold solder joints and melting transformer pin connections and switch pins.
I don’t know anything about electronics. Can I still build a DIY paint-by-numbers project?
A: We respectfully recommend finding a friend to build it for you.  While these are not NASA circuitry, and generally somewhat ‘forgiving.’ However 400 Volts DC is not.  While many tube design builders and repair-persons have survived contact, it’s probably best to start with guitar pedals or other low voltage projects first. Can you spell Variac?